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Professional Commitment
BEC places a high value on our professional commitment to serve our clients. BEC is a small woman-owned business whose engineers and scientists have earned a reputation for consistently providing quality environmental engineering services specifically in environmental permitting, compliance and sampling.

Technical Expertise
BEC provides skilled professionals with technical expertise and a staff dedicated to serving the individual needs of clients.

Personal Attention
BEC focuses on quality and personal attention rather than trying to be all things to all people.  Our objective is to provide our best efforts to a manageable number of clients.  BEC has been able to provide companies of all sizes access to high-quality environmental services at an affordable cost.

Providing the Help your Company Needs
BEC provides our clients with the tools they need to effectively manage the environmental and regulatory aspects of their facilities.  Our objective is to help companies comply with regulations in a manner that also allows them to achieve their business goals.  That means BEC will make the extra effort to ensure that we provide the highest quality technical product, presented in a clear, understandable form.  Beyond that, we will help you to analyze your situation and make recommendations to help you develop the best strategies for compliance.